TMS Tunnelscan

Complete tunnel information at a glance

Thanks to the latest scanner technology, TMS Tunnelscan produces tunnel documentation to a new high level of quality, at previously unknown measuring speeds.


Optimal results

  • Complete profile checks
  • Non-destructive layer thickness measurement
  • Surface quality checks (undulation)
  • Scaled image documentation on tunnel features, work stages and actual condition of structure
  • Detailed dimensioning for optimised logistics and billing

Comprehensive tunnel as-built analyses: Fast, precise, meaningful

TMS Tunnelscan is the powerful data collection and evaluation software for laser scanner measurements in tunnel projects. Together with the Profiler 5003 high-performance imaging scanner from Amberg Technologies, TMS  Tunnelscan forms the most powerful system solution on the surveying market for tunnel as-built documentation and analysis. TMS Tunnelscan supplies reliable information for the tunnel contractor, client, designer, and not least the surveyor.

Powerful software routines

  • Record the geometry and image of the entire tunnel structure during each construction phase
  • Determine all areas of under and overbreak
  • Calculate detailed excavation quantities
  • Compare measurements taken at different times for determination of sprayed concrete layer thicknesses and spatial deformations
  • Check the conformity of undulation of tunnel surface layer
  • Process georeferenced scanning data from other scanner types through standard PTS data interface.

TMS Tunnelscan users benefit from

  • Record the geometry and image of the entire tunnel structure during each construction phase
  • Determine all areas of under and overbreak
  • Automatic data acquisition and evaluation software specially designed for tunnelling works
  • Highest performance with up to 500,000 measured points per second (Profiler 5003 from Amberg Technologies)
  • Unique measuring speed at highest data density – up to 10’000 times more powerful than conventional methods
  • One set of data for geometric and digital image documentation of the tunnel
  • Mobile, autonomous and modular system design for optimal integration into the construction process

TMS Tunnelscan supports the following workflow

  • Input of project data (axis, transverse slope, theoretical profiles,…)
  • Data capturing using TMS ScanControl in combination with a Profiler 5003
  • Import the measurement data back in the office software (Profiler 5003 or through PTS interface)
  • Process the scan data based on given design elements
  • Extract single profiles
  • Process a wide range of reports in different formats (under-/overbreak, undulation, volumes,…)

Download documents

3D laser scanner

TMS Tunnelscan application video

Learn more about TMS Tunnelscan and watch an application movie on YouTube: TMS Tunnelscan

Project reports

Magazine article

Tunnel Business Magazine (08/2010) about TMS Tunnelscan at New York's No. 7 Subway Extension: english

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