GRP 3000

The versatile system for railway surveying

The GRP 3000 is the versatile measuring system for point-by-point clearance assessments as well as for track geometry and control point surveys.


The GRP 3000 provides flexible solutions

  • Clearance profile surveying
  • Design as-built surveys
  • Catenary works
  • Control point surveys
  • Track geometry surveys

Key features of GRP 3000

  • Unique combination of precise track geometry recording unit TGS FX and Profiler 110 FX for automatic clearance profile surveying
  • Visible red laser dot for accurate and rapid manual surveying of specific points
  • Precise 3D track coordinates for combinded operation of GRP system and precision total station
  • High data acquisition update frequency as basis for real-time computation
  • Modular hardware design allowing flexible and cost-saving operation
  • Integrated power supply
  • Unlimited electro-magnetic compatibility - using PET wheels
  • Hardware fully expandable for other railway surveying tasks

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