Amberg Tamping

The perfect track!

High-performance system solution for track-alignment data or control point based tamping survey.


Amberg Technologies’ mobile surveying solution Amberg Tamping identifies track position errors as basis for installation and maintenance of track ballast. Independent of time and space, precise and efficient, the survey data are subsequently utilised in the tamping machine.


Integrated tamping surveying solution

  • New project base data management for track design and measurement data
  • Project data based on 3D track design or datum point track layout
  • Correction data (lift and slew) in real-time or as data disk for the track tamper
  • Versatile tamping data editor
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Option: Integrated control point surveying and reporting

Amberg's tamping solutions

  • Amberg Tamping GRP 1000
  • Amberg Tamping GRP 3000
  • Amberg Tamping VMS 1000
  • Amberg Tamping VMS 3000
  • Amberg Tamping IMS 1000
  • Amberg Tamping IMS 3000

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Feature / Function GRP 1000 GRP 3000 VMS 1000 VMS 3000 IMS 1000 IMS 3000
Measuring performance (m/h) up to 1200 up to 1200 up to 2500 up to 2300 up to 4000 up to 4000
Measuring System GRP FX 1 1 2 or 1 and tripod 2 or 1 and tripod 1 1
Measurement of CP no yes yes yes yes yes
Measuring device for CP -- Profiler 110 Total Station Profiler 110 Total Station Profiler 110
Measurement accuracy of CP (mm) -- 3 1 3 1 3
Results in real-time yes yes yes no no no
Geodetic skill of operator required yes yes no no no no