Amberg Slab Track

394.3 km/h? No problem!

Integrated surveying solution, optimised for the typical requirements during construction, monitoring and maintenance of slab track projects.


Identify and inspect track positions to millimetre tolerances – with the integrated surveying solution for the construction and maintenance of slab track.

  • Integrated Slab Track Surveying Solution (project management, measurement, evaluation and reporting)
  • High-precision sensors for superelevation and gauge measurement
  • Determination of the track coordinates with the eg. Leica TPS total station
  • Real time display of corrective values during track laying
  • Professional graphic and numeric reporting of results of the as-built analysis
  • NEW: Amberg Slab Track IMS 1000
  • NEW: Amberg Slab Track IMS 3000

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Slab Track Application Videos

Embedded slab track construction using Amberg Technologies products for real-time, precise rail alignment. Watch it!


Balfour Beatty using Amberg Slab Track with the GRP 1000 on the LA Expo Light Railroad. Watch that!

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