Amberg Clearance

Speedy and definite clearance assessments with real time results

Modular system solution for automatic clearance surveying completed by typical railway analyses and documentation.


Exploit the comprehensive Amberg Clearance system solution to cover all your specific information requirements.From the identification of encroaching objects in real time to complete documentation of structures and clearance analyses including automatic clearance profile mapping.


Integrated surveying solution taylor-made for clearance analyses

  • One software suite with scalable functionality (Basic and Plus)
  • Powerful management of project data
  • 2 different types of clearance measuring devices (motorised distometer Profiler 110 FX or high-speed laser scanner)
  • System ready for 2D clearance gauging or 3D infrastructure gauging
  • Results in real time
  • Comprehensive evaluation, analyses and reporting

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Clearance Application Videos

3D laser scanning with GRP 5000 from Amberg Technologies. See video on YouTube here.


3D point cloud video from NY City Church Avenue Station. Coloring indicates clearance information and markes clearance problems in real-time. Watch it on YouTube.


3D point cloud video from metro in Italy, straight line with excellence scan information on overhead wires. Watch that on YouTube.

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