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The georeferenced collection and refinement of civil infrastructure information is our core area of expertise. Whether standardised products (Systems), customer-oriented system solutions (Solutions) or project-oriented services (Services): products from Amberg Technologies are distinguished by their proven technologies, outstanding quality and reliability as well as the superior creation of value through daily utilisation.

Rail Surveying
Comprehensive infrastructure asset management, reliable quality control in the construction process as well as knowledge of the condition and requirements of the rail network: these are important elements for a reliable and efficient transport infrastructure. The specific solutions of the Rail System GRP System FX provide all these advantagese. 
Tunnel Surveying
Whether measuring a tunnel profile to a high degree of accuracy, guiding the tunnel excavation, conducting 3D profile controls with the need for real time results, or carrying out a comprehensive analysis of the dimensions and condition of a tunnel project: The tunnel measurement systems TMS Solution provide the optimal solution to meet the project requirement. 
Tunnel Seismics
Advance notice of lithological heterogeneity and any variation in mechanical rock properties which could affect tunnelling is an important factor. Such early warning makes it possible to ensure that counter-measures and logistic procedures are planned in good time. Continuous, high-quality predictions enable the management of risks inherent in tunnelling. 
Project-oriented or customer-oriented workflows, optimised production processes or local modifications: The readily available standard solutions can often satisfy customer requirements but not always in an optimal manner. That’s why Solutions from Amberg Technologies is here for you.