Amberg Technologies

Company Overview

For 35 years, Amberg Technologies has remained a leading provider of specialised system solutions for the georeferenced collection and refinement of civil infrastructure information.



Thanks to solid knowledge and the steadfast focus of our companies activities on the area of civil infrastructure, especially railways and tunnels, the system solutions from Amberg Technologies enjoy an excellent reputation by experts worldwide. Proven technologies, outstanding quality and reliability as well as the exceptional creation of value through daily utilisation have convinced professional users of our products in over 40 countries.


Amberg Technologies is a Swiss company belonging to the Amberg Group. The range of services of the Amberg Group encompasses interdisciplinary planning processes, consulting, project management as well as research and development related to civil infrastructure systems. The individual firms of the Amberg Group rank among the leading companies in their respective fields of specialisation.

Headquarters of Amberg Technologies AG